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For more than 25 years, the King-Devick Test has been a proven indicator of oculomotor visual performance for eye movements during reading, with hundreds of published papers in 19 different countries evaluating the test.  This new version is quick and easier to score on a pass/fail basis with normative data for subjects from 6 years old through adulthood.
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Wendy Macdonald, Trudy Scott, La Trobe University, Department of Human Biosciences
This battery includes a selection of tests from the Rivermead perceptual battery,..., The King Devick Test...

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Bosga-Stork, Smits-Engelsman, J. Duysens, Abnormal saccadic movements are not the cause for poor eye-hand coordination in children with DCD.
The King-Devick reading task is clinically used under head-free condition and the time score is presumed to reflect saccadic eye-movement performance.  

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Markowitz, S., Principles of modern low vision rehabilitation. Canadian Journal of Ophthalmology 2006; 41: 289-312.
"The King-Devick Test is a readily available and useful tool for assessing residual oculomotor functions in a clinical setting and its components can also be used for vision therapy training purposes as well.  The King-Devick Test comprises of one demonstration card and three test cards, which contain several rows of random numbers that become progressively more difficult to follow with either spotting or tracking skills."

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Ocular mobility can be assessed by observation, rating scale-assisted observation.

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Julie Gullacksen, Paul Harris, Anette Høgenhav, Christina Lundø Nielsen, Comparison of Danish and American children on the King-Devick Test Comparison of Danish and American children on the King-Devick Saccadic Test 1998, 1-8
"Many studies have been done on the connection between students' eye movements and educational performance. From these studies have emerged several clinical measuring tools for optometric use. One such test, widely used in the United States, Canada, and Australia, is ... the King-Devick test.This test is easy to administer and has been incorporated in many visual screening protocol used by non-professionals. The test is also used in formal investigations into understanding learning-related visual problems."

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Ces deux épreuves évaluent les capacités de rapidité oculo-motrice du sujet, dont l'atteinte peut être très marquée chez certains dyslexiques. Dans la première tâche, il s'agit de lire des chiffres disposés en rangées de plus en plus serrées et dont les espacements sur chaque rangée sont irréguliers. Pour effectuer la tâche, le regard doit donc accomplir une alternance de saccades et de fixations ainsi que des retours en arrière aux changements de lignes sans que le sujet ait évidemment le droit de se guider à l'aide du doigt, contrairement au RAN test où une telle aide est permise.

Translation: In the first task, it is to read numbers arranged in rows of increasingly tight and that the spacing on each row are irregular. To perform the task, the eye must perform alternating saccades and fixations as well as flashbacks to change lines while the subject is obviously the right guide to using the finger, unlike the RAN test where such support is permitted.These two tests assess the capacity of visual-motor speed of the subject, whose achievement may be very pronounced in some dyslexics.

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Brian Arie, Die Sehkraft im Sport.   
Jede der 3 Tabellen besteht aus Zahlen, wobei jede Tabelle wegen der steigenden Leerräume zwischen den Zahlen allmählich schwieriger fließend zu lesen wird. Jede Tabelle wird so schnell und so genau wie möglich gelesen, während sowohl Fehler als auch Geschwindigkeit notiert werden, um eine Bewertung zu ermöglichen. Dieser Test simuliert das Nachverfolgen eines Balls, den man wegen Flutlichts oder eines Hindernisses in der Sichtlinie im Flug verloren hat.

Translation: Each of the three tables consist of numbers, each table will be read because of the increasing white space between the numbers gradually more difficult fluid. Each table is as fast and as accurately as possible to read while both errors and speed are recorded to allow a review. This test simulates the tracking of a ball that has been lost due to flood or an obstacle in the line of sight in flight.

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Authors: Silvio Maffioletti, Angela Ravasi, and Sergio Hood, Centro di Formazione Professionale di Ottica del Comune di Milano. September 2009, Page 11
Per esaminare i movimenti saccadici si può effettuarne la registrazione oggettiva stimolare una sequenza di movimenti saccadici volontari oppure indurre test saccadici per mezzo di opportuni stimoli.

Translation: To examine saccadic movements you can register objective encourage a sequence of saccadic movements or induce voluntary saccadic tests by appropriate stimuli.

Prof.ssa Daniela Comuzzi - Docente di optometria Corso di Optometria IPSIA "Mattioni" Cividale (UD).
Verranno eseguiti i test per la funzionalità oculomotoria anche tramite l'ausilio del DEM e del King Devick test. I partecipanti saranno quindi in grado di valutare l'efficienza dell'intero sistema visivo e di prescrivere eventuali lenti compensatrici o di performance.

Translation: Will run tests for oculomotor function including through the use of ... the King Devick test. Participants will then be able to evaluate the efficiency of the entire visual system and require any compensating or slow performance.

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かわばた眼科 - King-Devick Test.
の検査は衝動性眼球運動の発達をみる検査ですが、あらかじめ眼球運動が円滑でないことが予測される子どもの患者さんに施行しています。 ステップごとに能 力を補助するための工夫がしてあります。結果は、年齢単位で同時期の多くの子どもたちのデータと比較しますが、この検査で把握される内容は、検査数値その ものよりも、子どもの状態を理解し発達にあった支援を考えるデータとして有用です。

Translation: This test is a test impulse explore the development of eye movement, and enforcement of child patients are expected not smooth eye movements in advance. Are designed to help you every step of the ability to assist.The results are compared with data from the same period the number of children per age, understand what is this test, the number itself rather than the test data was considered to help understand the developmental status of children It is useful.

 特別視機能研究所. あなたのビジョンをチェックします ...(ニューヨーク州立大King Devick Test

Translation: Saccadic eye flicking (saccadic eye movement) is to explore the development of the test.Read a number of measures to follow the line speed.

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Ceaser Jeffrey Peron & Ai Hong Chen, Hubungan di Antara Pergerakan Mata Dengan Sistem Akomodasi Vergens di Kalangan Pelajar Melayu di Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia, Jurnal Kesihatan Masyarakat Isu Khas 2002.
Terdapat juga ujian lain yang menggunakan format visual-verbal seperti ujian Pierce dan King-Devick (Scheiman & Wick 1994)

Translation: There are also other tests that use a format such as visual-verbal test... King Devick (Scheiman & Wick 1994).

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Esta prueba es una mejora de la de Pierce, ya que sus autores pensaron que si la prueba está relacionada con la lectura, sería mejor una prueba donde se requiera que la persona haga fijaciones intermedias aleatorias además de las fijaciones del margen de la página. Esta prueba está formada por los dígitos de los laterales y por 3 números aleatorios separados en el centro de cada fila. Simula la ejecución real oculomotora cuando se lee y contiene una tarjeta de demostración y 3 tarjetas de prueba

Translation: This test is an improvement on that of Pierce, as their authors reasoned that if the test is related to reading, it would be better a test which requires the person to make fixations random intermediate fixings plus the margin of page. This test is made by the digits on the sides and 3 separate random numbers in the center of each row. Simulate oculomotor actual execution when reading and contains a card 3 demonstration and test cards.

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A J J M Ruijssenaars, J.E.H., Rekenproblemen en dyscalculie: theorie, onderzoek, diagnostiek en behandeling, 2005, Page 176.
van Luit, E.C.D.M. van Lieshout de oog motorick wordt eerst geobserveerd aan de hand van eenvoudige proefjes. Vervolgens wordt de oog bewegingssnelheid bepaald met de king-devick-test, waarbij de saccadische oog sprong bewegingen in snelheid en kwaliteit worden vastgelegd.

Translation: The eye movements is first observed by means of simple experiments. Then the eye movement speed is determined with the king-devick test, the saccadic eye movements leap in speed and quality are defined.

Conijn, Maas, Berndt, Wijn, AFSTUDEERPROJECT Vroegtijdig signaleren van DCD bij kinderen, Hogeschool van Arnhem en Nijmegen, 2007, Page 18.
Meet de snelheid van de saccadische oogbeweging (snelle, sprongsgewijze oogbeweging, nodig voor het lezen).

Translation: Measure the speed of saccadic eye movement (fast, leaps eye movement, needed to read).

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Carl Zeiss, Optikeren: Tidsskrift for Norsk Optometri.
Disse testene gir et direkte resultat (tall) som kan sammenlignes med gjennomsnittet for alder

Translation: These tests provide a direct result (number) that can be compared to the mean for age...

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South Africa

OPTISIGHT NEWS.  Newsletter of the Professional Board for Optometry 2009. Health Professions Council of South Africa.
"In order to be able to examine children, a practitioner must have the following equipments available in the practice as a
MINIMUM, in additional to the minimum equipment needed for the basic visual examination:..king devick test."


Prof J.T. Ferreira, Magister Philosophiae, Rand Afrikaans University, September 2002, Page 37.
"The King-Devick Test evaluate saccades and consist of three slides and the athlete is asked to call off a series of numbers as quick as possible."

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M. Rosa Borrás García, Juan Carlos Ondategui Parra, Vision Binocular: Diagnostico y Tratamiento, 1998, Page 40.
Son tests disenados para evaluar los movimientos sacadicos de pequena amplitud que se realizan durante la lectura. Se han disenado diversos modelos...King-Devick

Translation: They are tests designed to assess the small amplitude saccades performed during the reading. Different models have been designed ... King-Devick.

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United Kingdom

Brian Ariel, Sports Vision Association
The multi-factorial nature of sports performance makes it complex to study. For this reason, well-constructed controlled trials are essential for proving that SVT can enhance performance.